Elevate your guitar playing

For over a decade, Troy Nelson has been authoring top-selling guitar lesson books to help the practicing musician.

Check out his new series Play Guitar in 14 Days and the easy-to-play ultimate resource books, The Guitar Book: Volumes 1 & 2, available through Amazon.


Read what others have to say about Troy Nelson and his guitar lesson books:

This book puts a lot of information into bite size nuggets. Anyone with an interest can understand and digest this material. The different approaches will keep you motivated and teach you a ton.
— Amazon Customer, for Modern Lead Guitar
It’s a really great way to start playing guitar
— Amazon Customer, for Play Blues Guitar
I honestly have only good things to say about it.
— Amazon Customer, for Guitar Aerobics
I am a total fan of Troy’s books and methods of learning.
— Amazon Customer
Troy Nelson is a guitar god.
— Amazon Customer
Troy Nelson is the former editor of my favorite guitar magazines.
— Amazon Customer